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Custom Doors for Better Buildings

A Case Study by Door Security + Safety Magazine

"What do you have in stock?" is something steel door distributers are hearing a little less these days. While there will always be demand for stock products, architects are increasingly choosing to customize — whether for acoustics, bullet resistance, or to add a modern touch with slim profile frames.

Custom doors and frames may be selected for a veriety of reasons:

Unique Dimensions - Wouldn’t it be nice if every opening was a perfect 3’x7’? That’s not reality though. Oversized and other nonstandard dimensions come up all the time, for example, in special use buildings and retrofits.

Enhanced Performance - Door assemblies can be upgraded for additional safety and comfort. They may offer protection from Mother Nature – hurricanes and tornados – or from people, such as sound reduction, forced entry, and bullets. Generally, these doors look just like regular doors because the performance comes from the door core and hardware.

Aesthetics - Steel doors can have embossments or attractive panels. Some architects like to have millwork affixed to the trim or have a faux wood finish with woodgrain etching. There are countless ways to customize the appearance. Custom doors don’t have to be complicated. To pass along some ideas, here are recent custom projects completed by SDI-certified manufacturers:

To read the full article, go to Here is how Premier was featured:

Since 1926, a 16-acre property on the outskirts of Atlanta was home to a massive Sears, Roebuck & Co warehouse. Anyone who lived in the Southeast and ordered from Sears, their product came through this facility. The building was later vacated in the 80s, then used for the 1996 summer Olympics, and once again vacated with an annual cost to taxpayers of $600,000.
In 2010, an ambitious developer purchased the property to convert it into 1.1 million square feet of retail, offices, and residences – the city’s largest adaptive reuse project ever. As you can imagine, the 85-year old building was full of unique wall thicknesses, dimensions, and jamb depths. When all was said and done, the developer purchased more than 500 doors in various sizes and styles, including custom 8’ tall entry doors and frames. The doors were manufactured by Premier, who made them on a floor by- floor basis to simplify storage during construction.


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